Exxon/Mobile, American Airlines, Pfizer, Thomson Reuters, Quaker Oats, Pepsico, 7-Eleven, Michelin, just to name a few.

Past and Present Clients  Paul Black Design has worked with some of the largest corporations in the world, including 7-Eleven, American Airlines, American Electric Power, Angelika Film Center, Ameresco Capital Trust, Aviall, Bellwether Exploration, Blockbuster Video, The BroadStar Group, Boy Scouts of America, CEC Entertainment, Cameron Ashley Building Products, Carrington Labs, CellStar, Exxon, CompUSA, Crescent Real Estate Trust, FedEx, Fidelity Bank, First American Bank, First Gibraltar Savings, First State Bank, FritoLay, GameStop, HP Software, Convex Computer, Haggar Apparel, Hogan Systems, i2 Technologies, Intel, Justin Boot, KFC, LPC Corporation, Lone Star Gas, MetroCel, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Michelin, Milton Bradley Toys, Nortel, PageNet, Paladin Staffing, Plantronics, Peaches Uniforms, Peoples Bank & Trust, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Publix, Quaker Oats, Real Pure Beverage Group, River Logic, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Thomson Reuters, Torch Energy, and Voluntary Hospitals of America.

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